Case Study

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We provide case studies to all of our clients to show the growth of the brand and provide analytics. Although certain numbers are difficult to track through social, there are a number of important statistics that we focus on.  Here is a condensed example of a case study from one of our Hotel clients. To ensure confidentiality, we will call this company "ABC Hotel."

The Challenge

With an already established social presence, the ultimate objective for ABC Hotel was to create bookings during the offseason, engage with customers in a timely manner, target advertising towards the hotel's target demograpic and create new, fun ways to engage with their audience.

    Our Solution

    Because ABC Hotel had an existing social media presence, increasing their reach* and engagement-rate** was our main priority. We developed a compelling social media content calendar, focused on increasing audience engagement, and advertised through Facebook and Instagram. Once we had grown ABC Hotel's audience, reach and engagement-rate, we focused on new and fun ways to engage with their audience. We used Facebook live, ran contests and developed multiple Snapchat filters to keep ABC Hotel's brand fresh and engaging.

      *Reach - How many people view a post on a social network
      **Engagement-rate - How much people interact with the content. Factors that influence engagement include users’ comments, shares, likes, and more.

      Platforms Used

      • Facebook, Facebook Live, Facebook Advertising
      • Instagram, Instagram Advertising
      • Snapchat
      • Twitter

        Stats don't Lie

          • In the first month, ABC Hotel had 1,641 sessions & 460 social conversions from Facebook to ABC Hotel's booking engine
          • 365,262 people used one of ABC Hotel's Snapchat Filters (w/ a budget of $100)
          • Reached over 1 million users through Snapchat geofilters
          • In the first month, ABC Hotel's posts reached 1,070,528 users on Facebook
          • Monthly average of 135 “Book Now” clicks on ABC Hotel's Facebook page
          • Increased ABC Hotel's average organic reach on Facebook by 700% (originally at 11,482, grew to 80,363 users)