About Us

Blah Blah Blah Marketing is a boutique marketing company based out of San Diego, CA that specializes in Social Media Marketing, Advertising Management and Website Content & Development. Established in 2010, Blah Blah Blah Marketing has developed strategies for over 50 businesses and brands, published more than 10,000 posts on over 25 separate media. We believe that Social Media Marketing is SOCIAL and approach it as making friends with people you have something in common with: a love of, or at least an interest in a brand. Using this strategy, we create communities, not markets through lasting friendships while keeping content fun, fresh and casual.


The Team


Chloe Wright Founder, CEO

Chloe Wright

Chloe's drive and passion for marketing is the reason she founded Blah Blah Blah Marketing in 2010. Chloe has a strong background and proven success in effectively managing accounts across every industry. She has delivered on the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes, strengthening companies to lead in competitive markets, as well as delivering new, innovative concepts that produce measurable results.


Kaleah Hernandez

Social Marketing Associate

Casimir Morawski

Content Development

"Caz" uses his background in journalism to create and edit the content that Blah Blah Blah Marketing puts out. From editing posts to creating website and blog content, if there are words in it, Caz probably had something to do with it